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Village Fete - May 09

Hempstead Village Fete - Sunday 24th May

Sunday 24th May is the date for the Hempstead Village Fete - a day of fun and games for all the family. The relevance to us? We've been asked to run the BBQ for this event! Mass production of burgers and hot dogs to keep the entire village from being hungry for an afternoon. And any profit we generate will go towards the New Minibus fund - bonus. We therefore need a bunch of willing volunteers to be chefs for the day - who's up for the challenge? Sounds like a larf to me! To enable us to do this without poisoning the entire village, we need to get one person through their Food Hygiene Certificate Level 2 - For Catering qualification. This can be done through an online learning course - nice and convenient - and the cost of this will be funded by the Unit. If anyone fancies gaining this qualification (and thus becoming our resident Head Chef!) drop us a line: leaders@explorerscouts.info. UPDATE: Marie is now our official Head Chef! Thanks Marie.

Page last updated on Jun 3, 2011

Attendees (7)

Richard Chipperfield, Marie White, David Pavey, Andrew Woods, Tom Brown, Lucy Palmer, Emily Kennedy,
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