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Past Members


Over the last 12 years, we've had about 60 Explorers pass through our ranks:


Rob Chipperfield
Ben Prior
Tom Vandersteen
Chris Loud
Sam Terry
Stuart Kent
Matt Lovesey
Natalie Taylor
Jenny ???
Cheryl ???
Alastair Kent
Dave Humphreys
Laura Grant
Matt Lovesey
Ben Hunter
Jason Smithson
Simon Major
Rachel Bell
Emily Kennedy
Emma Mudge
Rob Blair
Natalie Church
Chris Scott
Kerry West
Kelly Grant
Charlie Pritchard
Matt Menzies
Imogen Easthope
Natalie Ironmonger
Katie Hill
Zac Leighton
Tyler Mudge
Daniel Menzies
Michael Joel
Sam Grant
Andrew Woods
Michael Gallimore
Emma Palmer
Lauren Bremner
Hannah Easthope
Tom Brown
Will Katner
Ed Basindale
Alice Katner
Lucy Palmer
Marie White
Emma Bates
Matt Hurst
Max Caston

Chloe Butchers

Alex Platt
Adam Wigmore

Callum Harris

Lowan ???

Tom Bates
Dan Hurst
Zoe Caston
Ollie Mackender
Liam Wickson
Ash Dickson
Jack Parmenter-Nolan

Sian Simpson

Angelica Jacobs Grant

Phillip Mason

Elizabeth Goodwin

Euan Simpson

Anthony Beardsley

Terrina Dassour
Fiona Kent

Megan Walker

Ballinda Powar

Edward Mackender

Steven Hurst


... but our memories are fading, so we've probably forgotten someone; let us know who!


Do get in touch if you've been a member in the past - it would be great to hear how you're doing.  Why not drop a quick line to leaders@explorerscouts.info to say hello to us?



We've also been blessed with the following fantastic leaders :-)


Richard Chipperfield
Neil Daniels
Dave Pavey
Angie French

Nicola Daniels (nee Child)

Stuart Bonnett
Jo ??

Jason Smithson

Katie Hill

Natalie Ironmonger
Andrew Woods

Emma Bates

Matt Hurst

Max Caston

Sian Simpson

Tom Bates

San Reynolds

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