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The *B* Event - Jul 08

The *B* event - Saturday 26th July


Buckmore ignored my calls, so we're off to MATT'S HILL CAMPSITE, BREDHURST. Advantage: even closer than Buckmore! Arrive from 5pm.

When I was small, James, Neil and I often used to get together on a Saturday. The conversation used to go like this: "How's things?" "Wicked!" (well, it was the 80's) "Doing anything tonight?" "Nope. You?" "Nope. Fancy hitting Buckmore?" "Cowabunga dudes!" (DAMN we were cool) ... at which point, we'd organise a mini-camp in one hour flat, book ourselves up, nick kit from the HQ, buy food, and go and build large fires and drink lemonade. Randomly, I'd like to propose much the same thing on Saturday 26th July for anyone who'd like to spend an evening at BREDHURST CAMPSITE. In fact, I'm going to call it The *B* Event: B is for:

  • Beer
  • BBQ
  • Burning things
  • Big Fun!
  • It's open to everyone, although there will be beer flowing, so I think that older Explorers and above will get most out of it. All welcome though. Please note, older Explorers, that this isn't intended to replace the camp you're proposing for the end of the Summer. This one is more 'cos I have a free Saturday evening, thoroughly enjoyed last night's BBQ and fancy going camping (with the added benefit of sharing a beer with those not attending the Summer Camp)... Arrive at BREDHURST from 5pm. Depart when you wake up on Sunday. Cost £10 for food and camping. Bring your own tent if you have one. Simple. Sign up below. Once I've got 5 signees registered, I'll get on the dog n' bone to Buckmore... which is now open again, by the way!

    Page last updated on Jun 3, 2011

    Attendees (6)

    Richard Chipperfield, David Pavey, Jason Smithson, Ben Hunter, Robert Chipperfield, Natalie Ironmonger,
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