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World Jamboree - Japan 2015

World Jamboree - Japan 2015

Richard's introduction

What's a World Jamboree?  Simply one of the best Scouting experiences you'll ever have!


A World Jamboree is a big - massively big - Scout camp, with Scouts from all over the world sharing a week of immense fun.  There's more participants at a World Jamboree than there are at the Olympics!  Tens of thousands of people from all over the world, partying in an incredible atmosphere.  And this one is in Japan - what an opportunity!


Places are very limited - typically 80 people from the whole of Kent - and so there's a "Selection Process" to choose who will represent Gillingham District.  It's open to anyone born between 28th of July 1997 and the 27th of July 2001.  The process starts with an application form, and progresses to a Selection Weekend which is taking place on 25th to 27th of October 2013.


If you want to be considered for a place - you need to get this form filled in and submitted by 13th October 2013.


More details and application form are here: WSJ 2015 - Gillingham Participant Selection Application Form - FINAL (17.09.2013).pdf


Official introduction


Hi All!

Please find attached the Participant Application and Information Pack for the World Scout Jamboree for Gillingham District.

Those of you who attended the Combined Leaders Meeting would have heard me go on about how important this is, but it can't be said enough - Please ensure that this gets out to every single Young Person that is the right age (born between 28th of July 1997 and 27th of July 2001). They only get one opportunity to attend a World Scout Jamboree as a Participant and we don't want anyone to miss out on the opportunity because they didn't know about it, so we want to ensure that everyone know is old enough this time has had all the information. I also highlighted at the meeting that this Selection Weekend is open to one and all - There should be no pre-selection within Groups to decide who can go forward.

It really is THE GREATEST Scouting experience and I would ask you to get this message out to all of your Scouts and Explorers as early as possible. I would recommend both sending it electronically (if you have the ability) and giving them printed out copies, to ensure they definitely get it.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with any of the District Team, but hopefully the pack should be self-explanatory to both yourself and the Young People.

Please note: The entire pack is intended for the Young Person, including the information and the application forms.

Thank you.

- Linnéa
on behalf of the Gillingham District Selection Team for Japan 2015 

Page last updated on Sep 18, 2013
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