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Autumn Term 2010
Past Events

The Glorious Delights of Autumn 2010

Welcome to your programme for Autumn 2010...


Here's what we're getting up to this term.  Prompted by you, we're not scheduling activities for exact dates this term - this allows us to be more flexible when arranging specific meetings.


Activity Description Who's Responsible
Shooting Bang! Bang!  Air rifle shooting - a complete course of five events over the next ten months which qualifies for your Duke of Edinburgh skill section, as well as being rather good fun.  These sessions will be held on Thursday evenings at the 18th Gillingham scout hut - meet at our HQ at 1845, jump on the bus, and return to HQ at 2120. District
Archery Same deal as the Shooting - only this one counts for your Duke of Edinburgh Physical section instead.  Plus you get to be Robin Hood and shoot apples from Dave's head.  Dave doesn't know about this yet; please don't tell him. District
Halloween Assuming the scariest thing about Thursday 28th October is the ghosts, rather than any rain, then we're going to head off to Bredhurst Campsite... build a fire, light up the pumpkins and scare each other with really, really scary stories.  You need to come armed with lots of warm clothes and one very, very, scary story.  Wooooooooo. Rich
DIY Think the rest of the programme is pants?  Let's hope not.  But even if you do, here's your opportunity to change it - it's over to you (well, two of you) to arrange your own meeting.  Sky's the limit! You
Culture Let's investigate some foreign cultures.  Working in small teams, you'll prepare a 10 minute presentation and wow us all with your encyclopedic knowledge of a different culture.  Ever wondered exactly about the affinity that Welsh people have with sheep?  Now's your chance to find out!  Oh, and this counts for your Scout Awards too.  Handy. Rich
Team Building The whole world works in teams.  Good team leadership is the strongest skill you will ever develop.  A famous American dude (John D Rockefeller, if you must know) once said: "The ability to deal with people is as purchasable a commodity as sugar or coffee and I will pay more for that ability than for any other".  So tongight we're going to tackle a series of Team Building Challenges under the watchful eye of Mister P, to develop our team building prowess!
Scuba Diving or Swimming Why float on the surface when you can go sub-aqua?  We've got high hopes to go deep under the seas (well, swimming pool actually)... and if not we'll content ourselves with a night at Mote Park leisure pool instead.  Splash! Rich



Of course, there are some dates that are fixed, as shown below.


If there's no event listed against a Thursday meeting, then we'll be picking one of the above activities in a top-secret ceremony and you'll find out what's going on upon arrival!


Date Event Who's Responsible
Thurs 14th October Team Building Challenges Dave
Thurs 21st October Archery District
Fri 22nd October D of E EXPEDITIONS Rich
Thurs 28th October Halloween

Rich to sort activities

Dave to book Bredhurst

Sat 30th October WINE & WISDOM Andrew
Thurs 4th November DIY - Mr Bates & mates Tom
Thurs 11th November


or Swimming

Thurs 18th November Shooting District
Thurs 25th November Culture Rich
Thurs 2nd December DIY - Mr Wigmore & friends
Thurs 9th December Andrew's Extravaganza Andrew
Sat 11th December
Thurs 16th December

Archery and Christmas Party

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