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Powerboating - RYA L2

Powerboating - Sat/Sun 9/10th May 2009


You should all have received an email from our instructor - John Carden - giving you final details for this weekend. If not, the document that was attached to the email is here: OysterCoast WaterSports Level 2.doc. We will meet at 0730 at our Hempstead HQ on Saturday morning and return approximately 1800 on Sunday. We'll stay in the Whistable Scout HQ overnight to save the trek back home. The daytime will obviously be spent on the water (yay!); on Saturday evening we'll take a spin into town, grab some fish n' chips and head back to the Whistable HQ and fire up a DVD... something like Jaws maybe?! Then bacon sarnies for breakfast and back out onto the water... Remember - you'll need:
  • £60 balance of payment - give this to Rich on Saturday morning
  • A fiver to purchase fish and chips on Saturday night
  • Packed lunches for both Saturday and Sunday
  • A wet suit combined with a windproof jacket and trousers and thermal layer, OR a dry suit, OR warn layers of clothing with a waterproof/windproof jacket and trousers to protect you from the effects of spray, wind and the wet. Do not wear cotton or denim-based clothing as it will retain water ands make you cold and uncomfortable.
  • Sun glasses and sun cream
  • A towel and shower stuff
  • Old trainers or dinghy sailing boots you do not mind getting wet. Bare feet are not allowed.
  • Any medication you need
  • The course handbook you should have received in the post.

  • Introduction

    Following on from last September's rather damp success, here's the next step in our quest to get wet - the opportunity to get your RYA Level 2 powerboat certificate over a full weekend's course! If you're signed up to this event, you need to download and fill in this form - water_application_2009.pdf - and return it to Rich on Thursday 13th March. For the purposes of form completion, the "event title" is "Poewrboating RYA L2 weekend - 9th/10th May". You'll be an expert boat captain by the end of this! You'll get to master: pre-start checks, starting and stopping, trim, figure of eights astern and ahead, picking up a mooring. holding off, MOB, leaving and coming alongside, anchoring, turning in own length, high-speed manoeuvres. You'll also earn some theory: types of craft and engines, powerboat equipment, weather forecasts, tides, trailering and launching boats, landing and storing of boats, ropework, charts/maps, using buoys to navigate, what to do in emergencies. If you fancy doing this just to enjoy a weekend on the water, learn some stuff about boats, and gain an official powerboating qualification then great - sign up now! Total cost is £80. If you're coming you'll have paid a £20 deposit to Rich by now. If, however, you're doing this to get the ability to hire a Scouts powerboat yourself - please read on. What follows is very important.

    The Scouts Powerboat Permit Scheme

    To hire a Kent Scouts powerboat yourself, on your own, you need a Scouts Powerboating Permit. This course is the first step towards that gaining that permit. The whole process goes like this:

    • Step 1 - Gain RYA Level 2 powerboating qualification - by attending (and passing!) this RYA L2 course on 9th/10th May 2009
    • Step 2 - Log some powerboating experience - by attending various powerboating events over the summer. For example, drive the safety boat at a Scouts sailing event, go on a cruise to London, etc.
    • Step 3 - Attend Scouts permit assessment day - in September 2009

    The more experience you log in Step 2, the "better" your Permit will be. If you only attend one additional event over the summer, you will get a permit that is quite restricted - for example, you'll only be allowed to take a boat out to certain places, and in certain weather conditions. The more experience you get, the more "open" your permit will be - allowing you to sail practically anywhere, in practically any conditions. Obviously you can start with a basic permit and improve it over the years... Note that this is slightly more involved than simply turning up to a one-weekend course. The good news is that you could use this for the Skill section of your Duke of Edinburgh - because you're learning a new skill over a period of time. But - if gaining your Permit is your ultimate aim - you do need to appreciate there's an additional level of commitment involved. Also, note that if you hold a Permit but you're under 18, you'll need a Leader to accompany you on any voyage that you do. As permit holder, you'll be the one in charge of the boat, but you'll need a leader to be in the boat with you.

    Who's paid up?

    1 Rich £80
    2 Ed £20
    3 Andrew £80
    4 Tom £20
    5 Marie £20
    6 Emma B £20
    7 Michael £20
    Page last updated on Jun 3, 2011

    Attendees (7)

    Richard Chipperfield, Edward Bassindale, Andrew Woods, Tom Brown, Michael Gallimore, Marie White, Emma Bates,
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