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DofE Opportunities

Duke of Edinburgh Opportunities

Stuck for what to do for your DofE?  Here's a whole host of courses run by Gillingham DofE that should spark some interest!


Let us know if any of these takes your fancy, and we'll give you a hand to get it arranged.


D of E Section Activity Start Date More information
Physical Boxercise November 2009 Boxercise Nov 2009.pdf
Physical Gym @ Lordswood November 2009 Gym Course Lordswood November 2009.pdf
Physical Gym @ Woodlands November 2009 Gym Course November 2009.pdf
Physical Skiing November 2009 Ski-ing Course Oct 2009.pdf
Physical Snowboarding November 2009 Snowboarding Nov 2009.pdf
Physical Street Dance November 2009 Street Dance November 2009.pdf
Physical Archery January 2010 Archery jan2010.pdf
Physical Horseriding January 2010 Horseriding Jan 2010.pdf
Physical Multisports January 2010 Multisports Jan 2010.pdf
Physical Rock Climbing January 2010 Rock Climbing jan2010.pdf
Physical Trampolining January 2010 Trampolining Jan 2010.pdf
Physical Fencing February 2010 Fencing Feb 2010.pdf
Skills Fashion Design November 2009 Fashion Design Woodlands Nov 09.pdf
Skills Fire Course November 2009 Fire Course Nov 09.pdf
Skills First Aid November 2009 First Aid Woodlands Nov 09.pdf
Skills Shooting November 2009 Shooting Nov 2009.pdf
Skills Survival Bushcraft November 2009 Survival Bushcraft Nov 2009.pdf
Skills Card Games January 2010 Cards jan 2010.pdf
Skills Circus Skills January 2010 Circus Skills Jan 10.pdf
Skills Knitting January 2010 Knitting Course Jan 2010.pdf
Skills Fire Course March 2010 Fire Course March 2010.pdf
Skills Shooting March 2010 Shooting March 2010.pdf
Skills Fire Course April 2010 Fire Course April 2010.pdf
Skills Fishing April 2010 Fishing April 2010.pdf
Skils Cooking March 2010 cooking march 2010.pdf
Volunteering Capstone Environmental Course November 2009 Capstone Environmental Course Nov 2009.pdf
Volunteering Community Radio November 2009 Community Radio Nov 2009.pdf
Volunteering Riverside Environmental Course February 2010 Environmental Course Riverside Feb 2010.pdf
Volunteering Guide Leadership Whenever… Guide Volunteering Poster.pdf
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