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Sun Run - Jul 08

Sun Run 2008 - Fri 4th / Sun 6th July

Final Details - IMPORTANT!!!

Time: Meet at 10:30am on Friday at the HQ, if you're coming in the minibus. Bring: usual camping stuff (see Reference Section) including a CHAIR. Dress: Friday night's dress code is NEON. This can be achieved in two ways - 1) a handy visit to Primark, 2) by bringing something OLD and WHITE which we can attack with our NEON SPRAY PAINTS! Directions: If you're making your own way there, this will help.

That most fantastic of events is upon us again – the legendary Sun Run! You’ve all heard the myths… the legends… the stories. Tales of wild Friday night parties; yarns of our unbeaten success at the sports tournaments; rumours of hung-over bouncy castle fun… and that’s just the warm up! Saturday night has two options: the 26 mile overnight Sun Run marathon or the 13 mile Moon Run that gets you back for last orders. Sunday? Well, Sunday just brings the resulting pain… The event is open to Explorers, Fellowship and Sun Run Veterans who are 16 years old and over. Sorry for the age limit, young ‘uns – but it’s something to look forward to in future years! We’ll run the minibus up on Friday morning. Meet at 10am at the HQ. For those who’d prefer to arrive to a fully-pitched campsite, feel free to drive up yourself later. You’ll get a £5 discount if you make your own way there. Food will be provided; we’ll cook our own this year, because a certain Explorer leader fancies wowing everyone with his curry-cooking skills. Poppadums! The price varies on how quickly you act! £37 if you get your cash to Rich by Sunday 8th June. It’s £40 thereafter, because the Sun Run guys put their prices up on the 9th. Next steps: 1. Curse Richard for the late notice 2. Whip out cheque book 3. Write cheque for the appropriate amount payable to “20th Gillingham Explorers” 4. Write your name on the back 5. Post to Richard (55 Oldfield Drive, Wouldham, Kent, ME13GP) to arrive by Sunday 8th June. Final details will be distributed to those who’ve paid closer to the event.

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    Attendees (11)

    Richard Chipperfield, Rob Blair, Ben Hunter, Emily Kennedy, Jason Smithson, Emma Mudge, Donna Cooper, Tyler Mudge, David Pavey, Neil Daniels, Roger Lovesey,
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