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Past Events

Come and have a go if you think you're hard enough!!!

 About us?

We're the oldest Explorer Scout Unit in the UK. The Originals. The Daddies. Don't believe us? Think your unit's been around longer? Well, you're wrong. We started our Explorer Unit when it was just a glint in the Chief Scout's eye in the year 2000. Still don't believe us? Then we CHALLENGE you to a competion, of any variety. You win, and you can claim the accolade of being The Originals. 'Till then, shurrup.


 When we're not busy picking fights with other Units (which is important - we're using it for our "skill" section of our D of E awards), we meet on Thursdays at the Hempstead Scout HQ. We also go on lots of camps, hikes, tours of brothels/breweries/bakeries, and all other good things that are expected of Explorer Scouts.


 Our Home Away From Home

 When we are not at brands hatch or powerkiting, or being a general nuisance, we run our meetings from our shiny HQ in Hempstead. (It was purpose built don't ya know). The HQ is located at;

1 Dukes Meadow Drive,






 Past events

 As leaders are main aim is provide fun activities that you "the explorers" will enjoy, if the leaders have fun that is a bonus.

 Over the recent years, we have managed to do;

  • Summer Camp 2012 - A week away with the entire 20th Group (about 130 people).
  • Summer Camp 2011 - A long weekend camping in bournemouth, visiting water parks and going on bike rides.
  • Hempstead Villege fete - Every year we turn up to provide delecious burgers to the masses.
  • B events - A chance to spend a night around a campfire, enjoying a BBQ, and spending a night under canvas.
  • Microlighting - As an air scout troop we aim to get all the explorers airbourne in the Kent County Scouts microlight. Failing that we borrow some helicoptors and jets from the RAF because thats how we roll.
  • Winter Camp - An indoor camp (As sleeping in the tents in the snow can be cold. WE KNOW). A range of events from powerkiting to korfball.
  • Powerkiting - We spend an evening or two relaxing and flying powerkites.
  • Kent Scouts International Jamboree - Scouts from all over the world in one place all sleeping under one giant tent.
  • World Jamboree - Like the International Jamboree but bigger
  • Gliding - Fancy a trip up in a glider or getting your glider's licence? We are your guys
  • Powerboating - The majority of our explorers have obtained their powerboat licence.
  • Brands Hatch - Fancy going 100MPH sideways around Brandshatch
  • Duke of Edinburgh awards - A chance for the explorers to do new activities, meet new people and learn new skills. Plus a 15 or 20 mile Hike

 Want to join us?

You'd be more than welcome. Take a look at our Summer Term 2013 to find a meeting you'd particularly enjoy, and come along for it. We don't bite. Also check out the Future Diary for events that take your fancy. And a note for all the other Gillingham groups out there. We're sick of the imitations, we're the original. We fly planes, helicopters and by the seat of our pants.... beats a tank any day of the week. Toodles!

Page last updated on Aug 26, 2011
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