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Blast round Brands - Aug 08

Blast round Brands

Friday 22nd August 2008


I'm rather relieved to announce that the car is (touch wood) fixed and raring to go. Thanks to Dave and my Dad for their help! Where? Brands Hatch, directions here. MORNING GROUP: When you arrive, you'll need to park up and go and find a somewhere to hang around that's out of the way - the grandstand is probably a good bet. Don't go down to the pit lane until we call you on Jason's phone. AFTERNOON GROUP: Proceed straight down to the pit lane when you arrive. This usually involves going through a tunnel under the circuit; easiest way is to ask someone, or phone Dave for advice. It's quite simple, honest. What to bring? You'll need to wear LONG SLEEVES and TROUSERS. Scout Uniform is not necessary. EVERYONE needs to print and bring the permission slip - brands.pdf - and get it signed by your parents if under 18. Some food / drink would be a plan too (we'll all eat lunch together), but there is a cafe on site if you can't be bothered to pre-prepare... :-) When? MORNING GROUP is: Ed, Lauren, Andrew, Jason. Meet at HQ at 0800, and Jason will drive you down. Arrive at Brands for 0830. AFTERNOON GROUP is: Ben, Rob, Donna, Dave. You're all big enough to make your own way there. Arrive by 12noon and join us for lunch. Wonga? £10 for each 20 minute, 20-lap session. My hope is to offer the three Explorers two sessions each, and we'll see how we do on everyone else. PLEASE POST ON THE FORUM THREAD TO INDICATE YOU'VE READ THIS... and see you on Friday!

Here's an opportunity to lose those Summer Holiday cobwebs in style... Take the passenger seat in Richard's Caterham Seven for a half-day lapping the world-famous Brands Hatch racing circuit! The Seven was designed by Lotus in 1957 as a car which could be driven to the circuit, raced, and driven home again. Subsequently banned by many racing authorities as "too fast to race", manufacture of the Seven continues today. The Caterham that you will experience was built in 1990. Powered by 150bhp, yet weighing only 500kg, you will be propelled from 0-60mph in under 6 seconds while sitting only inches from the tarmac. You’ll take Brands' infamous Paddock Hill bend at 70mph - with just a little sideways action! - in a car that embodies classic motoring at its fastest. You'll share a half-day (your choice of morning or afternoon) with two other Explorers - which should give you about 40 high-speed laps spread over two 20-minute sessions. The rest of your time can be spent ogling over the wide variety of sports- and racing-cars that frequent such events! There's a strict limit on places - three Explorers in the morning, three in the afternoon. THE FIRST SIX who hit the "Add Me" link below (and follow it up with a tenner deposit in due course) get the places! It's as simple as that. Leaders: priority is to the Explorers, but I'm going to need leader support on the day, and I'm sure we can fit you in a few laps ;-) Cost of this pretty special opportunity? Twenty quid each. Age limit: you must be at least 15 years old.

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Attendees (8)

Jason Smithson, Rob Blair, Andrew Woods, Ben Hunter, Donna Cooper, Edward Bassindale, David Pavey, Lauren Bremner,
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