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This is just a quick reference guide to events being run by us, the 20th, District, County, Nationional or even International Scouts. If anyone hears anything of interest please email leaders@explorerscouts.info and I'll update the page and let people know.


Black Writing this is for County & National Events

Orange Writing is for district Events

Blue Writing this is used for 20th Gillingham Explorers amazing Events


Sunday 22nd March - Active8 (Check out all of the stuff provided by scouting)+


Friday 10th - Sunday 12th April - Explorer Easter Camp (Go camp, chill and do stuff you would never do in front of your xbox)


Friday 12th - Sunday 14th June - County Air Camp (A chance to sleep on an active airfield and fly powerkites, microlights and build and make model aircraft)



Any ideas for what you what to do in 2015,  post in the thread "County / National / District Events"

Page last updated on Apr 25, 2014
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