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Autumn Term Planner 2013
Past Events

Autumn Term Planner 2013 

We appear to be doing a vast amount of Fun Stuff this term.  Hip hip hooray!




Who's Responsible


Thu 12th Sept Planning Evening Everyone Let's figure out what's going on...
Thu 19th Sept Hike Planning Andrew Walkies!  Here doggy doggy doggy...
Sat 21st Sept Activities Extravaganza! Andrew, Rich, Sian and San

A day of more fun than you can shake a stick at!


Remember to add yourself to this page to show you're up for the most exciting day of the year:  Winter Activites Weekend

Thu 26th Sept Star Trek Convention


Possibly with no Star Trek at all; but lots of good sci-fi films instead.
Thu 3rd Oct

Hike Planning


Oh. Not that sort of walkies.  A sort-of-D-of-E hike instead!

Thu 10th Oct

Wide Game Rich

Remember to buy flares and glo-sticks!  70s baby!

Thu 17th Oct

Blagathon Rally Jason Nick stuff!  Legally!  (Well, mostly legally anyway)
Thu 24th Oct Hike Planning Andy Menus.  Kit lists.  Route cards.  You knows it.
Thu 31st Oct Halloween Party Anthony and Terina Including radio-controlled pumpkins
Thu 7th Nov Cinema Jack And relax... pass the popcorn
Thu 14th Nov Recuss Training
Rich By far the coolest
Thu 21st Nov HM Prison visit
Jason A night not to be missed
Thu 28th Nov Cooking Night Ash Including Rich's Molten Chocolate Delight
Thu 5th Dec Casino Night Jason Let's win all Andy's money...
Fri 6th Dec Group Carol Service Group Sounds very boring I know but promises have been made for a giant campfire and lots of campfire songs.
Thu 12th Dec Camp Fire @ Matt's Hill Euan ... and then burn it!  Burn it all!
Thu 19th

Christmas Partaaaaay


... including the Mighty 20th Gillingham Awards Ceremony

Fiona and Jack Bring on the caaaaaaaaaake!
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